Access Cirrus

Information on how to get access to Cirrus. How you get access depends on if you are working in industry or academia and how much resource you require.

Resource Units

Access to Cirrus is currently granted in units of:

Industry Access

Cirrus has been designed to support a wide range of industry applications and EPCC can provide both access to HPC resources and also consultancy to effectively exploit HPC resources.

For access to Cirrus and EPCC expertise please contact Thomas Blyth (, +44 131 651 3460) and see the EPCC Accelerator page.

Academic Access

Cirrus is one of the EPSRC Tier-2 National HPC facilities and so the access method for academic researchers is different depending on if your research falls within EPSRC remit or not.

Current Open Calls

Call (link) Closing Date TA Receipt Deadline Notes TA Form Link
Instant Access Always Open Always Open   Instant Access TA Form (Word)
Scottish Academic Access Always Open Always Open Scottish Institution Only, Any Remit Scottish Academic Access TA Form (Word)
Grant Access Always Open Always Open   Grant Access TA Form (Word)
Access to HPC No call currently open   EPSRC remit only. ARCHER2 or Tier-2 computing resource for a maximum duration of one year.
Tier2 Services TA Form
Cirrus Driving Test Always Open   Details  
Access to Cirrus for Covid19 research Open now   Details  

EPSRC Access

If your research falls under the EPSRC remit then you can use a number of different access routes (please follow the links for further information):

In all cases, you should complete a Cirrus Technical Assessment form. This short form allows our technical experts to ensure that your project will get the most out of access to Cirrus and will help us to make sure that Cirrus can support the research you wish to undertake.

Access for academics at Scottish institutions

If you are working at a Scottish institution you can get access to Cirrus for your research - either on a trial basis to test the service for your research or on a larger scale for the use of Cirrus in a research programme. There is no restriction on research area remit for Scottish academic access. For both trial and larger access, applicants should use the the same Scottish technical assessment form. For more information see the Scottish Academic Access page.

Note: If you working at a Scottish institution and wish to include Cirrus access on a Grant proposal, you should use the Grant Access process rather than the Scottish Academic Access route.

Other grant awarding bodies and researchers outside the UK

Please contact the Cirrus Helpdesk in the first instance to discuss access to Cirrus.