Apply for Access to HPC

Provides an open and relatively flexible route to computational support for projects in EPSRC remit. You can access to EPSRC’s HPC systems (both ARCHER2 and most of the Tier-2 services). Projects can be up to 1 year in length.

This call is for researchers to apply for computational resource from EPSRC funded High Performance Computing (HPC) services to support research projects from across EPSRC’s remit. It is the successor to the ARCHER RAP and Tier-2 Open access calls which ran prior to 2020. Projects can run for up to one year (service dependent). This call usually opens twice a year.

The services available are ARCHER2, the UK national supercomputing service and most of EPSRC’s Tier-2 HPC service.

See Cirrus Open Calls

Application Procedure

A two-stage application process will be used.

Stage 1

Applicants must submit an Access to HPC Tier2 Technical Assessment Form (see call page) to the Cirrus Helpdesk, along with a short project description. This TA form will be assessed by the Cirrus team and returned to the applicant.

Stage 2

Applicants must then submit the following documents to the EPSRC Access to HPC Call page:

  1. Completed and approved Technical Assessment
  2. Application Form (Available from the EPSRC Access to HPC Call page under “Additional info”)
  3. A one-page diagrammatic workplan