Access to Cirrus for researchers at Scottish academic institutions

Researchers at Scottish academic institutions can get free access to Cirrus for their research. This can be either a small amount of time for test access or larger amounts for production-type runs.

Note: If you wish to include Cirrus access in a grant application you should use the grant process rather than this method.

Note: Only researchers in Scottish academic institutions are eligible.

Note: Typically, only one Scottish Access application will be funded per researcher. Short, trial-access, projects can be converted into longer access with larger resources if the trial is successful.

Resources Available

Although there is no limit on the amount of resource that can be requested through the Scottish academic access mechanism, we would expect applications for test access to be a maximum of around 15,000 Core-h and production access would be for a maximum of 1,000,000 Core-h.

Test access will be for 6 months and production access for 1 year.

Application Proceedure

A Cirrus Scottish Academic Access Technical Assessment Form should be completed by you and sent to the Cirrus Helpdesk.

The Cirrus CSE service will evaluate the technical feasibility of the project and this will be passed to Cirrus management for approval.