Remit and aims

RAP Open Access is available through regular calls throughout the service.

Note: that RAP Open Access is restricted to projects in the EPSRC remit.

EPSRC offers access to Cirrus through calls for proposals to the RAP Open Access calls. Users can request significant amounts of computing resource over a maximum 1 year period. The aim of this call is to provide access to the national Tier-2 HPC computing facilities for adventurous high-risk, high-reward projects that will benefit from the diversity of computing architectures available at Tier-2.

A non-exclusive list of eligible projects includes:

Application Procedure

A two-stage application process will be used.

Stage 1

Applicants must submit a RAP Open Access Technical Assessment Form (see call page) to the Cirrus Helpdesk, along with a short project description. This TA form will be assessed by the Cirrus team and returned to the applicant.

Stage 2

Applicants must then submit the following documents to the EPSRC RAP Open Access Call page:

  1. Completed and approved Technical Assessment
  2. Application Form
  3. A one-page diagrammatic workplan